Free proof

  • Client’s file is missing bleeds
    and has other errors.
  • We correct technical issues
    and create a proof!

Our famous Free Project Review gives you full access to our prepress department to get your files checked, fixed and proofed, before paying!

This service is recommeded for:

  • First time customers that are not ready to order.
  • Those who are unsure about file setup or need help.
  • Designers that need client sign-off.
  • Customers with complex custom or multi-page print jobs

Our team will run your file through a 30-point inspection, covering technical issues including:

  • Artwork dimensions
  • Bleed setup
  • Low resolution images
  • Elements that are not within the safe zone
  • Image clipping
  • Font sizes
  • Un-embedded fonts
  • Folding setup
  • Page scaling
  • Line weights
  • Proper text spacing (compressed/expanded)
  • Narrow borders that are at risk of being cut
  • Compliance with USPS Mailing Guidelines
  • Bindery setup for multi-page artwork
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